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No mowing, no watering, no maintenance – it’s the perfect choice for homes, businesses and cities

Save time and money - no watering, no mowing, no maintenance...just perfect turf. Perfect Turf Synthetic Grass is the largest and oldest privately owned synthetic grass company in North America, developing, designing, manufacturing and installing grass for over 25 years! Perfect Turf only uses 100% North American made materials, from the initial resins right on through to the finished product; this guarantees the highest quality control possible! Okanagan Outdoors and Perfect Turf warranty our installation workmanship for the lifetime of the product. As industry leaders, Perfect Turf continues to build the highest quality, best looking, best feeling and longest lasting synthetic grass products in the world. And for your peace of mind, we have a third party insuring our product warranty.

Perfect Turf and peloso landscaping

Peloso Landscaping Inc., Official Distributor of Perfect Turf in the National Capital Region!
Whether you have a small "grassy" area near your pool, a condo project with small lawn areas for each unit, a large yard, or an extensive landscaping project, Perfect Turf , may just be your perfect solution!
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